January 15, 2021

Marc Rebillet announces tour through drive-in theaters

marc rebillet

Arkansas has already made the first move toward restoring concerts in a post-quarantine world, booking Bishop Gunn frontman Travis McCready for a show in Fort Smith next weekend. But as far as an actual tour is concerned, entertainer and musician Marc Rebillet is pretty sure he’s the first.

The improvisational musician who entertains on stage while playing music has announced a concert tour that’ll take him through five US cities next month. But there’s one catch: they’re all going to be drive-in theaters.

Of course, not ever US town has a drive-in theater — the amount that don’t probably outweighs those that do — so the cities that Rebillet can even visit are very limited. Along with the inherent social distancing built into the concept of a drive-in theater, Rebillet says other social distancing rules will be observed.

Cars at the venue will be kept apart. Guests must stay inside the cars. Staffers must wear face masks and gloves. Tickets can only be purchased online. Restrooms should be used only for emergencies. However, since trips to the restroom are to be expected, participants will be permitted to visit them by row in 15-minute intervals.

Rebillet himself plans to roam, safely while social distancing, as everyone watches through their windshields.

“It’ll be me, out there, doing a show,” he said. “Since everyone is going to be forced to be in their cars, I’ll be able to do a lot of running around, ‘interacting’ with the audience, just by doing my thing.”

“The entire live entertainment industry has just been completely paralyzed,” he said of the current state of affairs. “No one is doing anything, because we can’t. This just got me super, super excited. It’s really a beautiful idea.”

“I certainly hope that doing this at least opens up the doors to this possibility to be a reality for other bands, and other acts — I would love to see that,” Rebillet said. “I know the live music-going public would love to see that. Everyone is just f–king desperate to do something where they’re around people.”

Tickets to the Drive-In Live Tour are available now.

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Marc Rebillet announces tour through drive-in theaters

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