January 15, 2021

Yellow Claw Discuss New Barong Family Album, Production Techniques and More [Interview]

Yellow Claw Discuss New Barong Family Album, Production Techniques and More [Interview]

If you’ve been into EDM for a long time, you’ve probably caught a Yellow Claw set here or there, and you’re definitely familiar with their tracks. Ever since bursting onto the scene back in 2013 with Amsterdam Trap Music, Yellow Claw has grown and developed their sound while also maintaining a unique identity. We all know that logo and two of their albums have some of the all-time titles that stick in your brain.

Well known for their raucous live sets, the Dutch duo comprised of Jim Taihuttu and Nils Rondhuis have proven to be adept producers and curators of talent over the years. They released their fourth Yellow Claw studio album in January, and just last month they released their first ever Barong Family album, Hard in Bangkok. Yellow Claw and thirteen other artists actually traveled to the Thai capital for a production camp. As the title of the album implies, these tracks and collabs are the result of that trip. We got the chance to talk with Jim and Nils about the origins of Barong Family, their production camp in Bangkok and career accomplishments. Check it out below.

Hey guys, thanks for chatting with us. 2020 was shaping up to be a huge year, you guys not only released Never Dies, but you also just released a new Barong Family album, Hard in Bangkok. How did you manage two unique projects at the same time leading up to the releases?

“What’s up guys, We are productive all year round. So we make a lot of music on the go and always end up with way too much to release. This year we could almost top that Chris Brown album with a 100 songs he did.

Also, time has changed, content fades quickly and people have to choose between so much nowadays. So much music and movies coming out. And then there’s Netflix with all their stuff. And then you add all the memes and the constant flow of humor and stuff on the social platforms. It’s a lot. So nowadays you have to make a lot of noise and a bit more often.”

For those who don’t know, tell us a little bit about the origins of Barong Family? What does it stand for and how separate do you guys keep it from Yellow Claw stuff?

“We started the label five years ago ’cause there wasn’t a place in Europe for our kind of music. And we knew so many talented artist that we wanted to give them a better chance of success. A guy like Wiwek couldn’t get his records signed back then. It was absurd. So we started releasing his stuff, and so we started out. Barong Family became more and more our playground. A platform to do cool shit with cool people. And it kinda pays for itself nowadays. We do trips, studio camps in different countries every year. Throw a lot of parties, spend ADE together and have a big family dinner every year and send out Christmas presents. All the usual family stuff but we do it with the label. This is how tight the group of artists has become and the bond is stronger than ever. The label helped form true friendships over the years, it’s a beautiful thing to be a part of.”

This album has a really cool backstory. Tell us about the studio camp you guys organized?

“We traveled to Bangkok with a crew of like 15 people. Set up camp in a great studio facility and had the best time ever. We had five or six studio set ups and we worked together by a schedule. I truly believe we made the sickest album from all the camps this year. It’s just quality stuff only. And it’s so loud.. My god.”

How did this edition of Barong Family come about? I noticed Lil Texas and LNY TNZ on the album, how does one get recruited to the Barong Family?

“Be cool and make cool shit. That’s kind of the only rule. We grow naturally. People that work well with the rest of the artists tend to stay.”

How are you guys staying safe in the age of COVID-19? Are you planning on any online activities or live streams for fans until this is over?

“We did two live streams for China early on. Just to support everybody over there before this thing went global. And after we did a worldwide one. The label did a lot in the last couple weeks. We slowly try to get back in to the normal daily routine more and more right now.”

Looking back on your overall careers, what are you guys most proud of accomplishing? How do you think you’ve evolved as producers and artists over the years?

“Establishing the label and the true fundamental it offers people. It actually helps them get gigs and be successful. To share our own success that way feels great every day.”

Any words for the fans?

“Keep on streaming and we’ll keep on dropping heat. Love you guys.”

Check out Barong Family: Hard in Bangkok featuring new songs from Yellow Claw, Crisis Era, Rawtek, LNY TNZ, Lil Texas and many more out now on Barong Family.

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